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This page is intended to be for your use in recording thoughts,  suggestions,  errors found,  etc.  as you use the site.  Page contents are stored in a  'server variable'  (not a database),  and will therefore disappear when your session ends.  That will happen when the server has not received a request from your browser in 20 minutes.  So printing of this note page,  and sending us relevant items in an email will need to be done before your session times out.

A date and time stamp will precede each new note.  Please do your own numbering of notes,  and limit your number of notes to 10 or so.

For security purposes  (necessary when receiving anonymous input),  your notes will be searched for characters and terms which could disrupt the application.  Please use only normal letters,  numbers,  and punctuation  (no Html).

You are encouraged to send relevant items  (errors,  suggestons for improvement,  etc.)  to our webmaster.  The email address is