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Phase II

Phase II of Publius2.net was intended to consist of audience collaboration about what changes should reasonably be made in the U. S. Senate,  and how those changes could be brought about.  Much of this collaboration was anticipated to be via a forum,  including both experts and lay persons.  This second phase was discussed within the tab/section called About,  toward the bottom of the page.

In the process of developing this web site,  and particularly in reading analyses of the U.S. Senate,  the author has gradually come to the conclusion that a great deal of effort could be expended toward improving the Senate,  with very little results,  if any,  to show for it.  Specifically,  consider:
It seems to your author that we have much more to be thankful for with respect to our government,  including the U.S. Senate,  than we often recognize.  Actually, our government works;  it listens,  and it adapts.  Not always fast,  but it does adapt.  And we do ask and expect a lot of our government.  This is all good.

However,  should a group or a person wish to provide financial support for an effort to promote serious discussion about possible changes in U.S. Senate structure,  the author would be glad to offer this site and his efforts in providing a basis for those discussions.  If interested,  please contact the webmaster for this site.

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